Wedding in Athens with a lovely couple from US - Irene & Yiannis

 Irene and Yiannis, a couple deeply rooted in their Greek origins but they residing in the vibrant city of New York, embarked on a love-filled journey to celebrate their wedding in Greece along the enchanting coast of the Athenian Riviera. As their wedding planners in Greece started working with them and the jouirney was unforgettable.  What followed was a three-day celebration, a harmonious fusion of Greek tradition and cosmopolitan charm.  We enjoyed working with them and organize their wedding in Athens as their wedding planners in Greece.  It was trip that lasted more than a year and we shared lovely moments for this beautiful wedding in Athens. 

The festivities of Irene and Yiannis' wedding in Athens kicked off with a vibrant beach party at one of Attica's most beautiful beaches in Vouliagmeni. Surrounded by friends, the couple enjoyed a sun-soaked day by the sea that seamlessly transitioned into a picturesque sunset. This lively pre-wedding event set the tone for the grandeur that awaited.

The anticipation grew with a pre-wedding dinner hosted at a stunning venue in the Vouliagmeni Marina. Guests reveled in an evening of drinks and Greek meze, a delightful blend of local flavors and international flair. The night unfolded with a spirited dance floor, echoing the joyous union of cultures.

The wedding day commenced with preparations at a luxurious 5-star hotel overlooking the sea. Family and friends gathered in Irene's suite, adding to the excitement of the day. Hair and makeup stylists pampered the ladies until Irene, radiant in her custom-made chic gown, was ready to step into a gold antique car that would chauffeur her and her father to the church.

The church, adorned with extraordinary decor, featured an aisle lined with white hydrangeas and delphinium flowers, leading to a matching arch where Yiannis eagerly awaited Irene. The bridal party, a vision of elegance, preceded Irene and her father. The ceremony unfolded with beauty and emotion, setting the stage for a celebration of love of this wonderful wedding in Athens

Following the heartfelt ceremony of Irene and Yiannis' wedding in Athens, VIP buses transported everyone to the venue—a magnificent space boasting a spectacular view of the sea. A captivating garden welcomed guests, serenaded by the melodic sounds of the violin and harp, while a mirror-dressed ballerina enchanted onlookers with her graceful dance.

The venue was a symphony of luxury, with tall arrangements of white flowers as centerpieces complementing the hanging chandeliers that adorned the entrance and dance floor. A breathtaking chandelier, adorned with white and green flowers, took center stage amidst a sea of fairy lights, creating an ethereal atmosphere.

A delectable five-course dinner marked the beginning of an evening filled with enchantment. The cutting of the cake was a prelude to a sensational firework show that lit up the night sky from the sea. The dance floor came alive with the couple's first dance, accompanied by the soulful melodies of a saxophone player in collaboration with a talented DJ. The party continued into the early morning hours, fueled by the infectious energy of a Greek band and DJ, ensuring everyone remained on the dance floor, creating memories that would last a lifetime.  An Athenian Riviera wedding that will stay in our hearts!  We are so glad to be the wedding planners in Athens of this unique wedding in Greece.